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A free Warren-Trumbull County Public Library card can be your connection to the world! Whether you would like all the borrowing privileges that come with a full-service library card, you need our limited child/teen card, or you are most interested in downloading and streaming items from our digital library, there is an option for you!

  • Full-Service Card
  • Take 2 Card
  • e-Card

Full-Service Library Card

There is no charge to apply for a free Warren-Trumbull County Public Library card.

A library customer is responsible for all materials checked out on their library card, and if such materials are returned damaged or lost, the customer is responsible for paying replacement fees.

If a card is lost or stolen, report this IMMEDIATELY to the library so that you will not be held responsible for unauthorized use of the card.

Registration Procedures

Applications may be completed at any W-TCPL location, including on the Bookmobile. Or, you can begin an e-Card application online and stop by any W-TCPL location to complete the process for your full-service card.

Forms of ID

Applicants must provide one form of identification with current name and address. If you registered online, you will be asked for ID when you come in to pick up your library card.

Acceptable forms of photo ID include:

  • State-issued ID card
  • State-issued drivers’ license
  • Military ID
  • Work ID
  • Student ID
  • Passport

If a valid home address is not documented with the photo ID, one of the following documents listing name and current home address issued within the last three months can supplement:

  • Utility or cell phone bill
  • Bank statement or credit card bill
  • Lease or rental agreement
  • Government check or payroll check
  • Vehicle registration.

Library Cards for Children

There is no age requirement to obtain a W-TCPL library card.

The parent/legal guardian/custodian of a minor customer is responsible for all materials checked out on the minor’s card.

A parent or guardian must be present to co-sign the application of a child under age 18. Only parents or legal guardians (with appropriate paperwork) can sign up a minor child for a full-service library card. The parent or guardian is considered the only legal representative of the child in the state of Ohio, thus, no other individual can agree to be financially responsible for a minor child’s library account. The library must have legal recourse to be able to recover the value of materials borrowed and not returned. In addition, there are privacy issues mandated by the state of Ohio that the library must follow that protect the rights of juveniles and their legal representative.

The Take 2 Card is an option for children and teens younger than 17 to have some library privileges without a parental or guardian signature. Please visit the Take 2 card tab above.

Using Your Library Card

The above information is subject to change and is not all-inclusive. Please call your nearest library location with any questions or concerns.

Take 2 Card

All W-TCPL locations offer a Take 2 Card option for children and teens age 17 or younger without a parental or legal guardian signature.

The card can be used to borrow up to 2 items at a time—books, magazines, comic books, and audiobooks (no DVDs, CDs, or new adult books).

The card also allows the use of library computers and any of the library’s electronic resources.

No overdue fines will be charged on the Take 2 card, but there will be a charge for items not returned or damaged.

The Take2 card holder must be present to use the card in the library.

The above information is subject to change and is not all-inclusive. Please call your nearest library location with any questions or concerns.


eCard Application

If you already have a full-service library card, you do not need an eCard. The barcode on the back of your library card gives access to digital resources.

If you only wish to use the library’s online resources, the eCard is the right choice for you.

The eCard gives access to digital resources only. Physical library materials cannot be checked out on an eCard. Customers cannot use public Internet computers with an eCard.

A free eCard is available to individuals age 13 and older who are Ohio residents.

There is no “library card” that is sent to eCard customers. Customers will receive a library card number to use when accessing digital and online library resources. This number will also be emailed if you shared your email address.

After you register for an eCard, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail, including information about upgrading your eCard to a full service borrower’s card. If your address is unable to be verified, your account will be deleted. Every two years, library cards stop working and require verification of borrower information before being renewed.

Once you have an eCard, adults age 18 and older have the option to convert it to a full-access library card (borrowing physical library materials and using public computers) by visiting any W-TCPL location. If you are under 18, contact your nearest library location for assistance. If you feel that a full-service library card would be valuable to you, you can upgrade your e-Card at any W-TCPL location.

Learn more about the library’s e-Books & Digital Media and Online Learning Tools.

The above information is subject to change and is not all-inclusive. Please call your nearest library location with any questions or concerns.

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